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Can’t I be fragile sometimes, too?

*Note: These are my feelings and thoughts, not anyone else’s, especially not any other trans person’s. So, don’t use this as an excuse to call all trans people, or all trans women weak. If you do, you are an asshole. Full Fucking Stop* I am an author and poet. I am an advocate and ally […]

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What may be…

So, I have some family that is resistant to using my pronouns and calling me Justice; instead using my birth name and pronouns. While most of you will find it hard to believe that I have a hard (almost impossible) time speaking up when they are misgendering me and deadnaming me, what with how outspoken, […]

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A Boy Shaped Costume

So, I was asked a few different questions about my experience as a Trans Woman. I am going to try to answer one (or more, but let’s be honest, I am verbose, so…) of them every day until I am through them. The first one is: Do you feel like you were socialized differently from […]

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I am a Trans Woman, and this is why

So, a friend asked me today why I identify as a trans woman instead of as just a woman, because it seems like I am separating/sub-categorizing  myself. I could have just commented, but instead, I decided to write it out thoughtfully. There are many reasons, and it is a choice I made, and make on […]

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Reflections on Easter

Random thought that I had yesterday. I am going to preface this with, not attacking anyone, just something that I have been reflecting on and made me think. I also could be just overthinking this, as I am apt to do at times, so please let know your thoughts. If however, you see this as […]

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Let your being fly free

Who is the one that you are? Are they near Or are they far? What has kept you from finding them? I would guess that it is fear. Do you really want to live your life for someone else, Giving up parts of yourself with nothing in return? Instead, why not be true, instead of […]

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Press on!

Victory! Euphoria! Magic! Tragic! Loss! Disheartened! Joy! Love! Hate! Emptiness! All of these and more, Are what life has in store For those that continue the ride Even when it feels like everything has been tried. I say to you my friend, Press on! This is not the end, This is barely the beginning. Even […]

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An Open Letter to People that Don’t Know Me, and Judge Me with No Information

So, yesterday, I received an email. Nothing abnormal about that, except for 4 things. 1) It was from an old family friend who I haven’t seen or spoken to in years, and would have no way to get the email address they sent it to, except by getting it from someone. 2) They somehow knew […]

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Focusing On The Gurney

What is the meaningOf all of the unknowns,And how do you findIn what direction it leans? Finding direction in a worldSo scattered and coldFilled with issues so burledIt seems insurmountable, when everythingIs bought and sold. How can you place value onIngenuity,Fantasy,Imagination,and love,When it seems as if friendly cooperation is gonefrom existence, and crushed from above? […]

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Arising from the corpse

Vanquished, lying in the dirt,No more energy left.Unable to give any more to his facademade of dreams, wishes, and ideals. Totally bereft,And done with the lies of his Godof times past. Arising from the corpse,She emerges at last.She cannot hide herself anymore,no matter the consequences,She is who he truly was at his core. She is […]