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Press on!











All of these and more,

Are what life has in store

For those that continue the ride

Even when it feels like everything has been tried.

I say to you my friend,

Press on!

This is not the end,

This is barely the beginning.

Even though your head, heart, and soul may be spinning

With 1000s of thoughts, regrets, broken dreams and promises,

Press on!

The victory comes not in what you have,

But how you affect the world and the people around you.

How many souls have you changed by simply being true?

To yourself, your values, your dreams

Despite the pain, the tears, and the screams?

Press on!

The world would be a darker place without your shining light,

Even when all you see is night.

Remember, it is darkest before the dawn.

Press on!

No matter the pain you may be in,

There are people whose only respite from the din

Is spending a few moments in your presence.

It may feel like Hell to you,

Simply existing,

But to them, you bring all of the light of all religions Heavens!

Press on!

You may believe in Gods and the afterlife,

Or you may not,

Either is fine.

If you let the dark in the world outlast the shine,

And let your last chance sputter and turn to rust,

Your affect on the world will turn to dust.

Press on!

You are loved,

You are appreciated,

You make a difference,

You matter,

And you will be missed.

Press on.