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Keeping the False in the Forefront


Making the world a better place
Seems to require its own kind of grace.
Pushing against the brokenness
Gives us a different kind of stress,
That we can’t control or destroy.

We try to come together to bring joy,
While there are snakes in the grass
Who pretend to have honorable intentions,
When, in reality, they have to look up to see a crevasse.

They act as if there are subventions
In their actions.
While the truth is the opposite.
The behavior that they attempt to embody
is consummate,
While the truth is that the behavior is grotty.

Putting on a mask to make others think that they are pious as the most high, when in reality, they make those (that they are supposed to help) in their care, cry.

Trying to make the lies seem the real and right,
when, in actuality,
their actions remove the light,
and keep the false
in the forefront.

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