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Let your being fly free

Who is the one that you are?

Are they near

Or are they far?

What has kept you from finding them?

I would guess that it is fear.

Do you really want to live your life for someone else,

Giving up parts of yourself with nothing in return?

Instead, why not be true,

instead of letting your heart and mind constantly churn

With thoughts, hopes, and dreams, of what you wish you could be,

Let your being fly free.

The ones that matter

Won’t mind

And the ones that mind

Will scatter.

You are given but one life to live

(As far as we know)

Why would you make it all a show?

I am done with the Hypocrisy,

No longer making a mockery

Of who I am,

And living a sham.

Won’t you join me

In being free?

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