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Arising from the corpse

Vanquished, lying in the dirt,
No more energy left.
Unable to give any more to his facade
made of dreams, wishes, and ideals.

Totally bereft,
And done with the lies of his God
of times past.

Arising from the corpse,
She emerges at last.
She cannot hide herself anymore,
no matter the consequences,
She is who he truly was at his core.

She is finally able to be seen and heard,
Even with the pain and controversy,
She may face, simply for existing.

It took her decades to be strong enough,
and rise to the top, and speak a word,
To finally break out, despite his resisting.

Is it truly living
To be a person cloaked in masks of fear?
It will all be made clear.

Removing the armor of a lifetime
will take more strength than he had,
but she is stronger than he ever thought.

Her life may be fraught,
With struggle, pain, and debates
on whether she truly ought
to be allowed

To Live.
To Love.
To Be Free.
To be Me.

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