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Colourful Queers

I wrote this while at the BLM Pride protest in Schenectady, NY this afternoon. I hope that you enjoy.


Colourful Queers
Facing their fears,
and being their true selves,
are the bravest beings on the planet.
Stronger than Granite.

We will not break,
because, like that book that you use to condemn,
We are stronger by standing together

Or not you accept us,
Or think we are sus,

We will stand strong,
long after your bigoted laws are gone.

Reaching for the joy that life has to offer,
Even though all you proffer
Is hate, fear, and bigoted lies.
We will stand tall
even amidst your looks of despise.
We will not fall

We exist.
We resist.
We fight.
We are in the right.
We bring the light.

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