Poetry Response Thoughts Transgender

You Are Wrong

and Magnificent,

Are words that are seldom used
to describe beings like me.
Instead, the phrases describing us
border on abuse.

Facts, not feelings, these bigots shout,
Except, to them, facts have no clout.
We give them hundreds of studies and peer reviewed journals,
That show we are right,
All we get in response are jeers.

The facts they are talking about, are the ones that a badly mistranslated book supposedly says,
But when using that same source to refute their gobbledygook,
We get mocked even more.

Which is it, we cry in frustration.
We don’t want adoration.
All we want is to be seen for who we are,
Not for what some bigoted people with their heads so far,
In the past, that the world is still flat, believe of us.


Are all part of us,
Not even counting on the trust,
That our experiences prove we exist,
And our validity,
Is true and just.

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