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What dreams may come

This is a poem that I wrote a few weeks ago about the last year, and coming to terms that I am a Transgender Woman. Hope that you enjoy (Copyright 2019 under Creative Commons).

Am I right
In taking flight?

In being true to myself
I have had to break the old
Conceptions of what is true
And Be Bold.

Destroying Ideas of what I thought
And rebuilding myself through and through.
The final product can’t be bought,
Except with blood, sweat, and tears
Facing fears
That I didn’t even know existed
So many feelings and emotions…
Too many to be listed.
Pain, loneliness, despair,
Joy, peace, contentment

All of these and more running through the air,
I finally feel free
To be me
What dreams may come
I do not know
Finally taking myself out from under the thumb
Of what I should be, and look like.

This has been coming to a head,
Since I was a little tyke.
I can finally let the shackles of dread
Fall from my psyche.

I can conclusively say
That I was living myself as a shadow
Version of my true self.
That person was real
Don’t get me wrong,
But not the same as who she became on the morrow.
No longer so much weighing down on his brow.

Who am I to become, I do not know,
But I do know that now I can grow.

I was stuck,
Pretending to be moving forward,
When, in all actuality,
I was burning and charred,
Not far from Shao Kahn announcing, “Fatality!”

Floundering, lost in an ocean of confusion,
But safe and protected
Because I now have a vision
Of what direction in which to travel
Allowing the false image to finally unravel.

Being helped on the path by a team
That does not understand,
But is there to help me find my dream…
And wherever it may land.

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